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S2011 EEE 3308C Quiz 1 Sol A

S2011 EEE 3308C Quiz 1 Sol A - 10 3 ohm Vi Ri Ri Rs Vs Rs...

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EEE 3308C Spring 2011 Quiz No. 1A Solution Consider the following circuit. The transconductance amplifier specs are 30kohm input resistance, 50 mA/V short-circuit transconductance, and 8kohm output resistance. a) Write down the equivalent circuit for the transconductance amplifier. b) Compute the overall voltage gain, vo/vs, in dB. c) If R i and R o of the transconductance amplifier could be modified to their optimal values (all other parameters the same), what would be the maximum possible overall voltage gain in V/V? kohm
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Unformatted text preview: 10 3 ohm Vi Ri Ri Rs Vs Rs 5kohm Io Ro Ro RL Gm Vi Ri 30kohm Gm 50 mA V Io Ro Ro RL Gm Ri Ri Rs Vs Ro 8kohm Vo Io RL RL 1kohm Combining the expressions for Vi, Io, and Vo: Av Vo Vs Ro Ro RL Ri Ri Rs Gm RL Av Ro Ro RL Ri Ri Rs Gm RL Av 38.095 20 log Av ( ) 31.617 Av is maximized when Ri goes to infinity and Ro goes to infinity. Avmax Gm RL Avmax 50 V V...
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