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S2011 EEE 3308C Quiz 2 Soln B

S2011 EEE 3308C Quiz 2 Soln B - R2 400kohm G vout vin R2 R1...

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EE 3308C Spring 2011 Quiz No. 2B Solution Assume an ideal opamp. a) Find the closed loop gain. Now we add a series capacitor. In the circuit below, nF = 10 -9 F. The opamp itself is ideal. b) What is the type of the STC frequency response of vout/vin? (LP, HP) (circle one.) c) Find the 3dB corner frequency in Hz. kohm 10 3 ohm  i1 vin 0 R1 i2 0 vout R2 R1 80kohm 
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Unformatted text preview: R2 400kohm G vout vin R2 R1 G R2 R1 G 5 V/V Z1 1 sC R1 Z2 R2 Vo Vi Z2 Z1 R2 1 sC R1 Vo Vi R2 R1 1 1 1 sCR1 R2 R1 1 1 j CR1 1 1 j w here 1 R1 C C 2nF R1 80kohm 1 R1 C f0 2 f0 994.7Hz...
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