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Lab#02 CIT110B A+ Hardware - Win XP Installation. This is the one lab you will also do in your A+ OS class, CIT111. We need a way for hardware and software to talk. The operating system will handle that task. Ask your instructor for a XP installation CD, and your Dell Drivers disk CD. 1. Turn on your Dell and hit f2 on boot to get to the BIOS 2. Set your BIOS boot order to be floppy, CD, hard drive, integrated NIC. 3. Place your XP installation CD into the CD drive and reboot. 4. Run the setup program and create and NTFS partition with 35GB. Remember 1024MB = 1GB so input 35,840MB for your hard drives size. Use the NTFS quick format when you format your drive. 5. Install Windows XP. Use your name and CSN for the organization. Use 110-x for your computer name. Let x be your terminal number . So if your terminal number is 9 your computer name will be 110-09. Use a leading zero if you have a terminal number 1-9. After the install is finished the go to device manager and make sure there are no problems
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