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CIT110B Lab04 PC Build - CIT110 Lab#4 Allow 2-4 hours to...

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CIT110 Lab#4 Allow 2-4 hours to complete this project. The computer kits are down in CY2752. Here are the basic steps. Ask the lab tech for a working PC kit and a practice motherboard (damaged) Please wear your ESD bracelet – let’s see if we can make it through the semester without damaging one kit. Remember your instructor not the lab tech must sign you off on this lab. This lab must be completed to get a grade in this course – i.e. this is the most important project we do all semester. 0. Ask the lab assistant for a dead motherboard – practice removing the fan and CPU – then reinstall them on the board. . When finished give this motherboard back to the lab tech. 1. Ask the lab assistant for a working kit ( the quad-core kits are in ask for one of them) 2. Read the PCs motherboard manual. 3. Check your voltage on your power supply and make sure it is set to US (110-120V) 4. If it is not already on the case place your IO faceplate on the back of the case.
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