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Latasha Washington University of Phoenix Axia College CJS/220 Judges April 17,2011
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Judges have a number of responsibilities concerning the public and upholding the law. Judges primary responsibilities are to oversee cases, make sure the law is upheld, sentence criminals, and in some cases decide if the defendant is guilty of the crime he/she are accused of. In some cases, judges give the final decision on any plea bargaining made by the prosecutor. The judge has to be the person on the courtroom who is portrayed as the leader. However, they will not object to any question by the prosecution if the defense attorney does not. The judge feels that the defense attorney should be able to recognize if the prosecutor is questioning out of line. Judges also are the people who issue or sign search warrants and arrest warrants if the police have enough evidence or probable cause that a crime is or has been committed. Judges will not sign any warrants if they feel the police has not collected enough evidence to prove that the person or persons in questions is guilty of any crime. Judges also make decisions on setting bail on a suspect and how much the bail should be, depending on the case and if the suspect is considered to be a flight risk. A judge’s job can be stressful at times and judges who are effective will see
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judges - Latasha Washington University of Phoenix Axia...

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