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SCI 230 Week 2 Day 2 Assignment: DQ 1 A post modern theory of biology was called “The spontaneous generation theory.” One part of this theory stated that” frogs come from muddy soil because they always appear in that environment.” (The Scientific Method) This theory had been around since at least Aristotle’s time if not before. Basically it stated that non-living things could give birth to living things. (The Scientific Method) I refute this theory using scientific proof that it is incorrect. Through a controlled experiment it can be proven that frogs do not come from muddy soil but instead from tadpoles which are produced as offspring from other frogs. If you take several containers and place muddy soil in them, you can allow different variables to take place such as; allowing air to get into one, sunlight into another, no sunlight into another,
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Unformatted text preview: heat, cold, it does not matter what variables you allow. None of these containers of muddy soil will produce any frogs. On the other hand, if you conduct the same experiment but instead of using muddy soil, you use tadpoles in the containers, at least one of them will end up producing frogs. Care needs to be taken since these are living organisms and they will need certain things to survive while in captivity. Things that will need to be monitored are; food, air, light, water, quality of water and proper temperatures. You can conduct similar experiments with non-living things and no of them will produce a living organism. In conclusion, the theory of “spontaneous generation”, though commonly thought to be true in its day, can be proven as false. Resources http://biology.clc.uc.edu/courses/bio104/sci_meth.htm. Retrieved on August 25, 2009...
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