Week 7 Checkpoint UNESCO Research Outline

Week 7 Checkpoint UNESCO Research Outline - SCI 230 Week 7...

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SCI 230 Week 7 Day 5 Assignment: CheckPoint UNESCO Research Outline Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System Introduction: The Belize Barrier Reef platform lies on the Atlantic-Caribbean coast of Belize, and extends 260 kilometers from the border with Mexico to the north, to near the Guatemala border to the south. The Reserve was inscribed as a natural World Heritage property in 1996. The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System belongs to the Central American biogeographical province and is made up of the following areas: 1. Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve. 2. The northernmost part of Ambergris Caye. 3. The west area of Chetumal Bay. 4. Laughing Bird Caye National Park. 5. Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. 6. Blue Hole Natural Monument. 7. Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve. 8. South Water Caye Marine Reserve. 9. Sapodilla Cays Marine Reserve. Body: There is a vast amount of vegetation found in the area. In fact 178 species of vascular plants, including 32 non-native species make up the vegetation found. Mangrove forest o There are three major types: 1. Buttonwood 2. Red mangrove 3. White mangrove Littoral forest o There are four type of trees which make up the Littoral forests:
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1. Ziricote Cordia sevestena 2. Teabox Myrica cerifera 3. Gumbo Limbo Bursera simaruba 4. Coco Plum Chrysobalanus icaco. These Littoral forest are fringed by: 1. Sea Grape Coccoloba uvifera 2. Tournefortia ganaphalodes (shrub) 3. Suriana maritima (shrub) 4. Borrichia arborescens (shrub) 5. Coconut tree Cocos nucifera Other type of vegetation include: 1. Herbaceous – marsh and swamp 2. Rushes 3. Sedges 4. Calabash Amphitecna breedlovei 5. Bullet Tree Bucida buceras and Jacquinia aurantiaca 6. Grass savannas 7. A. breedlovei 8. Logwood Haematozylon campechianum 9. Poison Wood Cameraria latifolia
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Week 7 Checkpoint UNESCO Research Outline - SCI 230 Week 7...

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