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4. CheckPoint: Effects of Religion Due Date: Day 4 [ ASSIGNMENTS ] forum Post a response to this prompt: Religion can affect people in many different ways. List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples from past and/or present world events that illustrate your examples. Religion can affect people in many different ways. This is especially true in today’s society with, so many believing that the end of the world is coming soon. A father named Ian now has to convince his son that the world is not ending after a weekend with his grandmother. This led to Ian’s son wanting to commit suicide because he did not see a point in living when the world was going to end anyway. Another example is how people have to ignore or disassociate with members of their family, and sometimes their own children in order to follow the religion of their choice.
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Unformatted text preview: World events are happening all the time, but if you look at some of the major events like 9-11, it can be very tragic. 9-11 was due to some extremist within the Muslim religion thinking that Americans were bad people for the way they choose to live. Another example was David Koresh in Waco, Texas. He was a religious extremist that used manipulation and brainwashing to convince his followers that he was Christ. To give the most drastic example of the effects of religion on society, take a look at the Jonestown Massacre. The creation of this cult resulted in over 900 people drinking poisoned Kool-Aid. The Jonestown cult (officially named the "People's Temple") was founded in 1955 by Indianapolis preacher James Warren Jones . Jones, who had no formal theological training, based his liberal ministry on a combination of religious and sot philosophies....
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