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Hinduism 1 Running head: HINDUISM Sanatana Dharma HUM130 May 15, 2011 Deborah George
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Sanatana Dharma The Hindu religion has many different forms, but it follows simple guidelines. Hinduism has an alternate label of Sanatana Dharma which is actually the preferred name for the religion. Sanatana means “eternal” or “ageless”. Dharma is often translated as “religion” (Fisher, 2005). The origin of Sanatana Dharma is still not entirely known. It is believed to be the oldest religion of the world, and it is the third largest religion today. This religion was not found by one single person and it does not follow one defined course. The original term Hindu comes with a different explanation than one might expect. The Persians pronounced Sindu and Hindu, and thus created the word as we know it today. The word Hindu was a geographical rather than religious term. The fundamental concept of Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma is the belief in the ultimate reality called Brahman, and its identification with the Aatman or universal soul (YGO Hinduism, 2005). This, in plain terms, means Sanatana Dharma focuses less on being
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hindu paper - Hinduism Running head HINDUISM Sanatana...

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