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STR 581 Wk 2 Environmental survey

STR 581 Wk 2 Environmental survey - Thank you for paying...

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Thank you for paying for my lousy work, I merely took someone else’s answer and made a lousy paraphrase. Environment scan is a very critical step in defining the success of the strategic plan to meet the growth objective of the organization or the mission statements. Let us start with the Internal environmental scan . We will conduct a SWOT analysis to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for Kudler Fine foods. Strengths: One of the major strengths of Kudler Fine foods is its product mix. The organization offers high quality fine foods and gourmet offerings to its customers. The quality and freshness and fineness of its products are the important reasons, which have earned the company a strong reputation in its area of existence. Due to this only, the company has been able to charge a premium pricing for its upscale, high quality and fresh specialty foods, still being retaining its satisfied customers. Weakness: One of the big weaknesses of Kudler is its limited presence of operations. The company is not a nationwide retailer and it’s limited to a particular area geographically. So, the
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company does not possess any huge resources as compared to larger nationwide chains and thus, finds it difficult to compete against far more powerful players, especially across a wide geographical area.
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