STR 781 wk1 (1)paper Ethics

STR 781 wk1 (1)paper Ethics - EthicsReflection1 Ethics...

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Ethics Reflection 1 Ethics Reflection Paper Carl R. Foster STR 581 April 28, 2011 David Geerinck University of Phoenix Ethic Reflection Paper
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Ethics Reflection 2 This paper discusses the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan and explains how my ethical perspective has evolved throughout the program. Comparing past and present our view on ethics has changed. According to (Robbins & Sanghi, 2007), “Businesses viewed social responsibility and ethics compliance to regulation and administrative and legal standards.” Evolving to today where today’s ethics, to achieve success; stakeholders have surmised that earning faith, respect, and confidence of the public and customer is imperative. Social and ethical responsibility is one of the critical success factors an organization needs and should incorporate them as an iatrical part of their operational strategic plans. A review of the Ethical Awareness Inventory (EAI), ethics is described as a system of rules of conduct and moral principles to lead and guide individual behaviors in our society (Fisher, 2008). According to (Hartman, 2004), the ethics of business are basic principles, organized for the behavior among employers and employees. Ethical behavior and its rules should be the limit of conduct for any organization and magnify its social responsibility. It is a control for the overall strategic plan. (Posters, 2003) suggests that business ethics is inclusive and not limited to stakeholder or investor interests.
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STR 781 wk1 (1)paper Ethics - EthicsReflection1 Ethics...

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