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Big Drive Auto Memorandum Week 6.docx (2)

Big Drive Auto Memorandum Week 6.docx (2) - Memorandum To...

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Memorandum To: Big Drive Auto Executives From: Team A Subject: The Future of Big Drive Auto Different economic realities require preparation to minimize impact on the short and long-term survival and maximize potential growth within a business. Although the current economic conditions appear to be extremely challenging, the following recommendations for Big Drive Auto will provide valuable guidelines in keeping the company doing what it does best- profiting in the automobile industry. More information for introduction. For example, a table posted below shows that Big Drive Auto recorded significant revenue growth in the area of service activities ranging from 1998-2007 (Big Drive, 2010). Add Charts and Graphs Service Revenue, shown above, is on the rise. Vehicle sales is fluctuating.
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Oil, coolant, and tires fluctuated as well. The above chart paints a clearer picture of the trend of rising service revenue and fluctuating revenue from its other operating areas. Since a well informed decision has been made to shift toward servicing, economic scenarios in the next five years has to be contemplated. Industry conditions should be analyzed and business plans drawn up to lead the company to success in various economic scenarios following data of the past and continuing into the expected future.
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