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Constitutional issue is not if abortion should be lawful - the question is who should decide  (fed/state gov, legislative/judicial branch)   Do the citizens of a state have the right to outlaw abortion in a state? --> US is a democracy (majority rules) Ex) Laws on physician assisted suicide vary from state to state   Was it in the intention of the founding fathers to have the right to an abortion? Is it appropriate to interpret the constitution in the way it was originally intended?   Most things are decided by majority rule, but some things are so important they are not left up to  the will of the majority. 
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Unformatted text preview: --> The writers of the constitution understood that there is a danger in leaving everything up to the majority Therefore, certain constitutional rights are placed beyond the decisions made by the majority Ex) equality under the law, freedom of speech, freedom of religion Casey - Supreme Court upheld the essential ruling of Roe v. Wade that a women has the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy However, Casey did rule that abortion must take place before viability Partial Birth Abortion Case of 2007 - doesn't make any judgment on Roe v. Wade or Casey...
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