Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

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Unformatted text preview: be sick. Dr. Lutz uttered a horrified exclamation in German. Schwartz said faintly: "Who is this guy ? Does anyone know ?" "I fancy," said Poirot, "that he was known here as Robert, a rather unskilful waiter...." Lutz had gone nearer, bending over the body. He pointed with a finger. There was a paper pinned to the dead man's breast. It had some words scrawled on it in ink. Marrascazid will kill no more —- nor will herob hisfriends! 163 Schwartz ejaculated: "Marrascaud? So this is Marrascaud! But what brought him up here to this out of the way spot ? And why do you say his name is Robert ?" Poirot said: "He was here masquerading as a waiter -- and by all accounts he was a very bad waiter. So bad that no one was surprised when he was given the sack. He left -presumably to return to Andermatt. But nobody saw him go." Lutz said in his low rumbling voice: "So--and what do you think happened ?" Poirot replied: "I think we have here the explanation of a certain worried expression on the hotel manager's face. Marrascaud must have offered him a big bribe to allow him to remain hidden in the unused part of the hotel..." He added thoughtfully: "But the manager was not happy about it. Oh no, he was not happy at all." "And Marrascaud continued to live in this unused wing with no one but the manager knowing about it ?" 164 "So it seems. It would be quite possible, you know.53 Dr.Lutzsaid: "And why was he killed ? And who killed him?" Schwartz cried: "That's easy. He was to share out the money with his gang. He didn't. He double-crossed them. He came here, to this out of the way place, to lie low for a while. He thought it was the last place in the world they'd ever think of. He was wrong. Somehow or other they got wise to it and followed him." He touched the dead body with the tip of his shoe. "And they settled his account -- like this." Hercule Poirot murmured: "Yes, it was not quite the kind of rendezvous we thought." Dr. Lutz said irritably: "These hows and whys may be very interesting, but I am concerned with our present position. Here we have a dead man. I have a sick man on my hands and a limited amount of medical supplies. And we are cut off from the world! For how long ?" Schwartz added: "And we've got three murderers locked 165 in a cupboard! It's what I'd call kind of an interesting situation." Dr.Lutzsaid: '"What do we do ?" Poirotsaid: "First, we get hold of the manager. He is not a criminal, that one, only a man who was greedy for money. He is a coward, too. He will do everything we tell him. My good friend Jacques, or his wife, will perhaps provide some cord. Our three miscreants must be placed where we can guard them in safety until the day when help comes. I think that Mr. Schwartz's automatic will be effective in carrying out any plans we may make." Dr. Lutz said: "And I ? What do I do ?&qu...
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