Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

nearly a year i had excellent references with her

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Unformatted text preview: ce. My inquiries, they will be conducted very discreetly, very quietly. You can be assured, Lady Hoggin, that Shan Tung will be perfectly safe. That I will guarantee." Both ladies seemed relieved by the magic word. Poirot went on: "You have here the letter?" Lady Hoggin shook her head. "No, I was instructed to enclose it with the money." "And you did so ?" "Yes." "H'm, that is a pity." Miss Carnaby said brightly: 26 "But I have the dog lead still. Shall I get it ?" She left the room. Hercule Poirot profited by her absence to ask a few pertinent questions. "Amy Carnaby ? Oh! she's quite all right. A good soul, though foolish, of course. I have had several companions and they have all been complete fools. But Amy was devoted to Shan Tung and she was terribly upset over the whole thing — as well she might be—hanging over perambulators and neglecting my little sweetheart! These old maids are all the same, idiotic over babies! No, Ym quite sure she had nothing whatever to do with it." "It does not seem likely," Poirot agreed. "But as the dog disappeared when in her charge one must make quite certain of her honesty. She has been with you long ?" "Nearly a year. I had excellent references with her. She was with old Lady Hartingfield until she died — ten years, I believe. After that she looked after an invalid sister for a while. She is really an excellent creature — but a complete fool, as I said." Amy Camaby returned at this minute, slightly more out of breath, and produced ,. i 27 the cut dog lead which she handed to Poirot with the utmost solemnity, looking at him with hopeful expectancy. Poirot surveyed it carefully. "Mais oui^ he said. "This has undoubtedly been cut." The two women still waited expectantly. He said: "I will keep this." Solemnly he put it in his pocket. The two women breathed a sigh of relief. He had clearly done what was expected of him. Ill It was the habit of Hercule Poirot to leave nothing untested. Though on the face of it it seemed unlikely that Miss Carnaby was anything but the foolish and rather muddleheaded woman that she appeared to be, Poirot nevertheless managed to interview a somewhat forbidding lady who was the niece of the late Lady Hartingfield. "Amy Camaby ?" said Miss Maltravers. "Of course, remember her perfectly. She was a good soul and suited Aunt Julia down to the ground. Devoted to dogs and excellent at reading aloud. Tactful, too, never 28 contradicted an invalid. What's happened to her ? Not in distress of any kind, I hope. I gave her a reference about a year ago to some woman -- name began with H -- s9 Poirot explained hastily that Miss Camaby was still in her post. There had been, he said, a little trouble over a lost dog. "Amy Camaby is devoted to dogs. My aunt had a Pekinese. She left it to Miss Carnaby when she died and Miss Camaby was devoted to it. I believe she was quite heartbroken when it died. Oh yes, she's a...
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