Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

oh i know i know he watched her for a minute or

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Unformatted text preview: ing with pleasurable excitement. "Armstrong, for instance, and that other man -- I can't remember his name -- and then Crippen, of course. I've always wondered if Ethel Le Neve was in it with him or not. Of course, Jean Moncrieffe is a very nice girl, I'm sure ... I wouldn't like to say she led him on exactly -- but men do get rather silly about girls, don't they ? And, of course, they were thrown very much together!" Poirot did not speak. He looked at her with an innocent expression of inquiry calculated to produce a further spate of conversation. Inwardly he amused himself by counting the number of times the words "of course" occurred. "And, of course, with a postmortem and all that, so much would be bound to come out, wouldn't it? Servants and all 77 that. Servants always know so much, don't they ? And, of course, it's quite impossible to keep them from gossiping, isn't it? The Oldfields' Beatrice was dismissed almost immediately after the funeral -- and I've always thought that was odd -- especially with the difficulty of getting maids nowadays. It looks as though Doctor Oldfield was afraid she might know something." "It certainly seems as though there were grounds for an inquiry," said Poirot solemnly. Miss Leatheran gave a little shiver of reluctance. "One does so shrink from the idea," she said. "Our dear quiet little village-dragged into the newspapers -- all the publicity!" "It appals you ?" asked Poirot. "It does a little. I'm old-fashioned, you know." "And, as you say, it is probably nothing but gossip!" "Well -- I wouldn't like conscientiously to say that. You know, I do think it's so true--the saying that there's no smoke without fire." 78 "I myself was thinking the same thing,33 said Poirot. He rose. (c! can tmst your discretion. Mademoiselle ?33 "Oh, of course\ I shall not say a word to anybody. 33 Poirot smiled and took his leave. On the doorstep he said to the little maid who handed him his hat and coat: "I am down here to inquire into the circumstances of Mrs. Oldfield's death, but I shall be obliged if you will keep that strictly to yourself.33 Miss Leatheran's Gladys nearly fell backward into the umbrella stand. She breathed excitedly: ^Oh sir, then the doctor did do her in ?33 "You've thought so for some time, haven't you ?33 "Well, sir, it wasn't me. It was Beatrice. She was up there when Mrs. Oldfield died.33 "And she thought there had been33-Poirot selected the melodramatic words deliberately -- " 'foul play' ?33 Gladys nodded excitedly. "Yes, she did. And she said so did Nurse that was up there. Nurse Harrison. 79 Ever so fond of Mrs. Oldfield Nurse was, and ever so distressed when she died, and Beatrice always said as how Nurse Harrison knew something about it because she turned right round against the doctor afterwards and she wouldn't of done that unless there was something wrong, would she ?&qu...
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