Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

poirot said it is possible i think that he has

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Unformatted text preview: ice: "In my Father's House are many mansions. . . . Remember that. Miss Camaby." As they left the presence. Miss Camaby murmured to her friend: "He really is a very handsome man." "Yes," said Emmeline Clegg. "And so wonderfully spiritual." Miss Camaby agreed. It was true— 367 she had felt it -- an aura of unworldliness -- of spirituality. . . . She took a grip upon herself. She was not here to fall a prey to the fascination, spiritual or otherwise, of the Great Shepherd. She conjured up a vision of Hercule Poirot. He seemed very far away, and curiously mundane. . . . "Amy," said Miss Carnaby to herself. "Take a grip upon yourself. Remember what you are here for. ..." But as the days went on, she found herself surrendering only too easily to the spell of Green Hills. The peace, the simplicity, the delicious though simple food, the beauty of the services with their chants of Love and Worship, the simple moving words of the Master, appealing to all that was best and highest in humanity -- here all the strife and ugliness of the world was shut out. Here was only Peace and Love.... And tonight was the great summer Festival, the Festival of the Full Pasture. And at it, she, Amy Carnaby, was to become initiated--to become one of the Flock. The Festival took place in the white, glittering, concrete building, called by the 368 Initiates the Sacred Fold. Here the devotees assembled just before the setting of the sun. They wore sheepskin cloaks and had sandals on their feet. Their arms were bare. In the centre of the Fold on a raised platform stood Dr. Andersen. The big man, golden-haired and blue-eyed, with his fair beard and his handsome profile had never seemed more compelling. He was dressed in a green robe and carried a shepherd's crook of gold. He raised this aloft and a deathly silence fell on the assembly. "Where are my sheep ?" The answer came from the crowd. "We are here, 0 Shepherd." "Lift up your hearts with joy and thanksgiving. This is the Feast of Joy." "The Feast of Joy and we are joyful." "There shall be no more sorrow for you, no more pain. All is joy!" "All is joy... ." "How many heads has the Shepherd ?" "Three heads, a head of gold, a head of silver, a head of sounding brass." "How many bodies have the Sheep ?" "Three bodies, a body of flesh, a body of corruption, and a body of light.n 369 "How shall you be sealed in the Flock ?" "By the Sacrament of Blood." "Are you prepared for that Sacrament?" "We are." "Bind your eyes and hold forth your right arm.33 The crowd obediently bound their eyes with the green scarves provided for the purpose. Miss Carnaby, like the rest held her arm out in front of her. The Great Shepherd moved along the lines of his Flock. There were little cries, moans of either pain or ecstasy. Miss Carnaby, to herself, said f...
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