Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

yes its difficult for a gentleman to understand i

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Unformatted text preview: jumped off the sofa and came forward uttering a few sharp suspicious barks. 42 "Aha," said Poirot. "The chief actor! I salute you, my little friend." He bent forward, extending his hand. The dog sniffed at it, his intelligent eyes fixed on the man's face. Miss Carnaby murmured faintly: "So you know ?" Hercule Poirot nodded. "Yes, I know." He looked at the woman on the sofa. "Your sister, I think ?" Miss Carnaby said mechanically: "Yes, Emily, this — this is Mr. Poirot." Emily Carnaby gave a gasp. She said: "Oh!" Amy Carnaby said: "Augustus. ..." The Pekinese looked towards her — his tail moved — then he resumed his scrutiny of Poirot's hand. Again his tail moved faintly. Gently, Poirot picked the little dog up and sat down with Augustus on his knee. He said: "So I have captured the Nemean Lion. My task is completed." Amy Carnaby said in a hard dry voice: "Do you really know everything ?" 43 Poirot nodded. <<I think so. You organised this business --with Augustus to help you. You took your employees dog out for his usual walk, brought him here and went on to the Park with Augustus. The Park Keeper saw you with a Pekinese as usual. The nurse girl, if we ever found her, would also have agreed that you had a Pekinese with you when you spoke to her. Then, while you were talking, you cut the lead and Augustus, trained by you, slipped off at once and made a bee-line back home. A few minutes later you gave the alarm that the dog had been stolen.M There was a pause. Then Miss Carnaby drew herself up with a certain pathetic dignity. She said: "Yes. It is all quite true. I -- I have nothing to say." The invalid woman on the sofa began to cry softly. Poirot said: Nothing at all. Mademoiselle ?" Miss Carnaby said: Nothing. I have been a thief--and now I am found out. Poirot murmured: 44 "You have nothing to say--in your own defence ?35 A spot of red showed suddenly in Amy Carnaby's white cheeks. She said: "I -- I don't regret what I did. I think that you are a kind man, Mr. Poirot, and that possibly you might understand. You see, I've been so terribly afraid" "Afraid?" "Yes, it's difficult for a gentleman to understand, I expect. But you see, I'm not a clever woman at all, and I've no training and I'm getting older--and I'm so terrified for the future. I've not been able to save anything--how could I with Emily to be cared for ? -- and as I get older and more incompetent there won't be any one who wants me. They'll want somebody young and brisk. I've -- I've known so many people like I am -- nobody wants you and you live in one room and you can't have a fire or any warmth and not very much to eat, and at last you can't even pay the rent of your room. . . . There are Institutions, of course, but it's not very easy to get into them unless you have influential friends, and I haven't. There are a good many others situated like I am -45 poor companions -- untrained useless women with nothing to look forward to but a deadly fear ..." Her voice shook. She said: "And...
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