Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

3 gently poirot led the conversation round to anthony

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Unformatted text preview: yone was slinking off as fast as they could leave.33 He paused. "And then,33 said Poirot, "you had time to think over the situation.33 "Exactly,33 said Stoddart. "If it was an ordinary drunken binge, well, that would be the end of it. But dope's different.33 "You are quite sure of your facts ?33 "Oh, absolutely. No mistaking it. It's cocaine all right. I found some in a lacquer box — they snuff it up, you know. Question is, where does it come from ? I remembered that you'd been talking the other day about a big, new wave of drug-taking and the increase of drug addicts.33 Hercule Poirot nodded. He said: "The police will be interested in this party tonight.33 Michael Stoddart said unhappily: "That's just it....33 LOH20 295 Poirot looked at him with suddenly awakened interest. He said: "But you — you are not very anxious that the police should be interested ?" Michael Stoddart mumbled: "Innocent people get mixed up in things ... hard lines on them." "Is it Mrs. Patience Grace for whom you are solicitous ?" "Good Lord, no. She's as hard-boiled as they make them!" Hercule Poirot said gently: "It is, then, the other one — the girl ?" Dr. Stoddart said: "Of course, she's hard-boiled, too, in a way. I mean, she'd describe herself as hard-boiled. But she's really just very young — a bit wild and all that — but it's just kid foolishness. She gets mixed up in a racket like this because she thinks it's smart or modern or something like that.3' A faint smile came to Poirot's lips. He said softly: "This girl, you have met her before tonight ?" Michael Stoddart nodded. He looked very young and embarrassed. "Ran across her in Mertonshire. At 296 the Hunt Ball. Her father's a retired General--blood and thunder, shoot 'em down--pukka Sahib--all that sort of thing. There are four daughters and they are all a bit wild--driven to it with a father like that, I should say. And it's a bad part of the county where they live -armaments works nearby and a lot of money--none of the old-fashioned country feeling--a rich crowd and most of them pretty vicious. The girls have got in with a bad set.33 Hercule Poirot looked at him thoughtfully for some minutes. Then he said: "I perceive now why you desired my presence. You want me to take the affair in hand ?33 "Would you ? I feel I ought to do something about it -- but I confess I'd like to keep Sheila Grant out of the limelight if I could.33 "That can be managed I fancy. I should like to see the young lady." "Come along.33 He led the way out of the room. A voice called fretfully from the door opposite. "Doctor--for God's sake, doctor, I'm going crazy.33 297 Stoddart went into the room. Poirot followed. It was a bedroom in a complete state of chaos -- powder spilled on the floor -- pots and jars everywhere, clothes flung about. On the bed was a woman with unnaturally blonde hair and a va...
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