Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

33 poirot murmured with an apparent quickening of

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Unformatted text preview: iercely: "Most blasphemous, the whole thing! This kind of religious hysteria is to be deplored. I shall remain absolutely calm and observe the reactions of other people. I will not be carried away -- I will not. ..." The Great Shepherd had come to her. She felt her arm taken, held, there was a sharp, stinging pain like the prick of a needle. The Shepherd's voice murmured: "The Sacrament of Blood that brings joy. . . ." He passed on. Presently there came a command. 370 "Unveil and enjoy the pleasures of the spirit P3 The sun was just sinking. Miss Carnaby looked round her. At one with the others, she moved slowly out of the Fold. She felt suddenly uplifted, happy. She sank down on a soft, grassy bank. Why had she ever thought she was a lonely, unwanted, middleaged woman? Life was wonderful--she herself was wonderful! She had the power of thought -- of dreaming. There was nothing that she could not accomplish! A great rush of exhilaration surged through her. She observed her fellow devotees round her -- they seemed suddenly to have grown to an immense stature. "Like trees walking ..." said Miss Carnaby to herself reverently. She lifted her hand. It was a purposeful gesture -- with it she could command the earth. Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler--poor, miserable, little fellows! They knew nothing of what she, Amy Carnaby, could do! Tomorrow she would arrange for World Peace, for International Brotherhood. There should be no more Wars -- no more Poverty--no more Disease. She, 371 Amy Carnaby, would design a New World. But there need be no hurry. Time was infinite. . . . Minute succeeded minute, hour succeeded hour! Miss Carnaby's limbs felt heavy, but her mind was delightfully free. It could roam at will over the whole universe. She slept--but even as she slept she dreamt... . Great spaces . . . vast buildings ... a new and wonderful world. . . . Gradually the world shrank. Miss Carnaby yawned. She moved her stiff limbs. What had happened since yesterday ? Last night she had dreamt. . . There was a moon. By it. Miss Carnaby could just distinguish the figures on her watch. To her stupefaction the hands pointed to a quarter to ten. The sun, as she knew, had set at eight-ten. Only an hour and thirty-five minutes ago? Impossible. And yet -"Very remarkable,33 said Miss Carnaby to herself. IV Hercule Poirot said: "You must obey my instructions very carefully. You understand ?" 372 "Oh yes, Mr. Poirot. You may rely on me." "You have spoken of your intention to benefit the cult?" "Yes, Air. Poirot. I spoke to the Master --excuse me, to Dr. Andersen myself. I told him very emotionally what a wonderful revelation the whole thing had been -- how I had come to scoff and remained to believe. I -- really it seemed quite natural to say all these things. Dr. Andersen, you know, has a lot of magnetic charm." "So I perceive," said Hercule Poirot dryly. "His manner was most convincing. One really feels he doesn't care about mo...
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