Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

And you never told me33 but edward you would never

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Unformatted text preview: ther embezzled the Party funds." VII People were talking. "I don't like to think of it, and that's a fact, Mrs. Rogers. I mean, I always thought Mrs. Ferrier was a really nice woman." "Do you think all these awful things are true ?" "As I say, I don't like to think it of her. 194 Why, she opened a Bazaar in Pelchester only last June. I was as near to her as I am to that sofa. And she had such a pleasant smile." "Yes, but what I say is there's no smoke without fire." "Well, of course that's true. Oh dear, it seems as though you can't believe in any one\" VIII Edward Ferrier, his face white and strained, said to Poirot: "These attacks on my wife! They're scurrilous — absolutely scurrilous! I'm bringing an action against that vile rag." Hercule Poirot said: "I do not advise you to do so." "But these damned lies have got to be stopped." "Are you sure they are lies ?" "God damn you, 3^!" Poirot said, his head held a little on one side: "What does your wife say ?" For a moment Ferrier looked taken aback. ^She says it is best to take no notice. i95 . . . But I can't do that--everybody is talking." Hercule Poirot said: "Yes, everybody is talking.33 IX And then came the small bald announcement in all the papers. Mrs. Ferrier has had a slight nervous breakdown. She has gone to Scotland to recuperate. Conjectures, rumours -- positive information that Mrs. Ferrier was not in Scotland, had never been to Scotland. Stories, scandalous stories, of where Mrs. Ferrier really was. . . . And again, people talking. "I tell you Andy saw her. At that frightful place! She was drunk or doped and with an awful Argentine gigolo-Ramon. You know!33 More talking. Mrs. Ferrier had gone off with an Argentine dancer. She had been seen in Paris, doped. She had been taking drugs for years. She drank like a fish. Slowly the righteous mind of England, at first unbelieving, had hardened against 196 Mrs. Ferrier. Seemed as though there must be something in it! That wasn't the sort of woman to be the Prime Minister's wife. "A Jezebel, that's what she is, nothing better than a Jezebel!" And then came the camera records. Mrs. Ferrier, photographed in Paris — lying back in a Night Club, her arm twined familiarly over the shoulder of a dark, olive-skinned vicious-looking young man. Other snapshots — half-naked on a beach—her head on the lounge lizard's shoulder. And underneath: "•"•Mrs. Ferrier has a good time. ..." Two days later an action for libel was brought against the X-ray News. X The case for the prosecution was opened by Sir Mortimer Inglewood, KC. He was dignified and full of righteous indignation. Mrs. Ferrier was the victim of an infamous plot—a plot only to be equalled by the famous case of the Queen's Necklace familiar to readers of Alexandre Dumas. That plot had been engineered to lower Queen Marie Antoinette in the eyes of the •W populace. This plot, also,...
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