Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

As mrs ferrier and her husband and father left the

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Unformatted text preview: Branch, clapped Hercule Poirot affectionately on the back. He said: "There's dirt and dirt, my boy. My dirt's clean dirt — that's all." "I was not suggesting that you were on a par with Percy Perry." "Damned little bloodsucker. He's a blot on our profession. We'd all down him if we could." "It happens," said Hercule Poirot, "that I am engaged at the moment on a little matter of clearing up a political scandal." 191 "Cleaning out the Augean Stables, eh ?" said Dashwood. "Too much for you, my boy. Only hope is to divert the Thames and wash away the Houses of Parliament." "You are cynical,55 said Hercule Poirot, shaking his head. "I know the world, that's all." Poirot said: "You, I think, are just the man I seek. You have a reckless disposition, you are the good sport, you like something that is out of the usual." "And granting all that ?" "I have a little scheme to put into action. If my ideas are right, there is a sensational plot to unmask. That, my friend, shall be a scoop for your paper." "Can do," said Dashwood cheerfully. "It will concern a scurrilous plot against a woman." "Better and better. Sex stuff always goes." "Then sit down and listen." V People were talking. In the Goose and Feathers at Little Wimplington. "Well, I don't believe it. John Hammett, 192 he was always an honest man, he wa^ ^^ like some of these political folk." "That's what they say about all sw^.iip before they're found out." "Thousands, they say he made, ^ r that Palestine Oil business. Just a crook deal, it was." "Whole lot of 'em tarred with th^ g^g brush. Dirty crooks, every one of 'en^» "You wouldn't find Everhard joine that. He's one of the old school." "Eh, but I can't believe as John Ha^. ^ was a wrong 'un. You can't belie^p pii these papers say." "Ferrier's wife was 'is daughter. pJ^ve you seen what it says about her ?" They poured over a much thu^ j copy of the X-ray News'. Caesar's wife? We hear that a ^^ highly placed political lady was seen i^ y strange surroundings the other day. Co^p?^ with her gigolo. Oh Dagmar, Dagma^. i, „ could you be so naughty ? A rustic voice said slowly: "Mrs. Ferrier's not that kind. G^^? That's one of these dago skunks." Another voice said: "You never can tell with women pi.^ 193 whole bunch of 'em wrong 'uns if you ask me." VI People were talking. "But, darling, I believe it's absolutely true. Naomi had it from Paul and he had it from Andy. She's absolutely depraved.," "But she was always so terribly dowdy and proper and opening Bazaars." "Just camouflage, darling. They say she's a nymphomaniac. Well, I mean\ It's all in the X-ray News. Oh, not right out, but you can read between the lines. I don't know how they get hold of these things." "What do you think of all this political scandal touch? They say her fa...
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