Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Charles chandler planned his revenge his wife died in

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Unformatted text preview: us tubes and pots and bottles. Hercule Poirot went quickly and dexterously to work. . . . What he had to do did not take him long. He was downstairs again in the hall when Diana came out of the library, looking flushed and rebellious. "It's all right,35 she said. Admiral Chandler drew Poirot into the library and closed the door. He said: "Look here, M. Poirot. I don't like this.35 "What don't you like. Admiral Chandler ?55 'Diana has been insisting that you and she should both spend the night here. I don't want to be inhospitable -- 55 "It is not a question of hospitality.55 275 "As I say, I don't like being inhospitable --but frankly, I don't like it, M. Poirot. I -- I don't want it. And I don't understand the reason for it. What good can it possibly do ?" "Shall we say that it is an experiment I am trying ?" "What kind of an experiment ?" "That, you will pardon me, is my business. ..." "Now look here, M. Poirot, I didn't ask you to come here in the first place -- " Poirot interrupted. "Believe me. Admiral Chandler, I quite understand and appreciate your point of view. I am here simply and solely because of the obstinacy of a girl in love. You have told me certain things. Colonel Frobisher has told me certain things. Hugh himself has told me certain things. Now -- I want to see for myself." "Yes, but see what^ I tell you, there's nothing to see! I lock Hugh into his room every night and that's that." "And yet--sometimes--he tells me that the door is not locked in the moming?" "What's that ?" 276 "Have you not found the door unlocked yourself?" Chandler was frowning. "I always imagined George had unlocked -- what do you mean ?" "Where do you leave the key -- in the lock ?" ''No, I lay it on the chest outside. I, or George, or Withers, the valet, take it from there in the morning. We've told Withers it's because Hugh walks in his sleep. . . . I daresay he knows more--but he's a faithful fellow, been with me for years." "Is there another key ?" "Not that I know of." "One could have been made." "But who -- " "Your son thinks that he himself has one hidden somewhere, although he is unaware of it in his waking state." Colonel Frobisher, speaking from the far end of the room, said: "I don't like it, Charles. . . . The girl -- " Admiral Chandler said quickly: "Just what I was thinking. The girl mustn't come back with you. Come back yourself, if you like." 277 Poirot said: "Why don't you want Miss Maberly here tonight ?" Frobisher said in a low voice: "It's too risky. In these cases -- " He stopped. Poirot said: "Hugh is devoted to her... ." Chandler cried: "That's just why I Damn it all, man, everything's topsyturvy where a madman's concerned. Hugh knows that himself. Diana mustn't come here.5' "As to t...
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