Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Come back yourself if you like 277 poirot said why

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Unformatted text preview: ot;No, and I'm not going to! The boy's safe enough here with me to look after him. They shan't shut him up between four walls like a wild beast...." "He is safe here, you say. But are others safe ?" "What do you mean by that ?" Poirot did not reply. He looked steadily into Admiral Chandler's sad, dark eyes. The Admiral said bitterly: "Each man to his trade. You're looking for a criminal! My boy's not a criminal, M. Poirot." "Not yet." "What do you mean by 'not yet' ?" "These things increase. . . . Those sheep -- " "Who told you about the sheep ?" "Diana Maberly. And also your friend Colonel Frobisher." LOH18 263 "George would have done better to keep his mouth shut." "He is a very old friend of yours, is he not ?" "My best friend," the Admiral said gruffly. "And he was a friend of — your wife's, too ?" Chandler smiled. "Yes. George was in love with Caroline, I believe. When she was very young. He's never married. I believe that's the reason. Ah well, I was the lucky one—or so I thought. I carried her off—only to lose her." He sighed and his shoulders sagged. Poirot said: "Colonel Frobisher was with you when your wife was — drowned ?" Chandler nodded. "Yes, he was with us down in Cornwall when it happened. She and I were out in the boat together—he happened to stay at home that day. I've never understood how that boat came to capsize. . . . Must have sprung a sudden leak. We were right out in the bay—strong tide running. I held her up as long as I could. ..." His voice broke. "Her body was washed up 264 two days later. Thank the Lord we hadn't taken little Hugh out with us! At least, that's what I thought at the time. Now — well —better for Hugh, poor devil, perhaps, if he had been with us. If it had all been finished and done for then. ..." Again there came that deep, hopeless sigh. '•We're the last of the Chandlers, M. Poirot. There will be no more Chandlers at Lyde after we're gone. When Hugh got engaged to Diana, I hoped — well, it's no good talking of that. Thank God, they didn't marry. That's all I can say!" IV Hercule Poirot sat on a seat in the rose garden. Beside him sat Hugh Chandler. Diana Maberly had just left them. The young man turned a handsome, tortured face towards his companion. He said: "You've got to make her understand, M. Poirot." He paused for a minute and then went on: "You see, Di's a fighter. She won't give in. She won't accept what she's darned 265 well got to accept. She—she will go on believing that I'm — sane." "While you yourself are quite certain that you are — pardon me — insane ?" The young man winced. He said: "I'm not actually hopelessly off my head yet — but it's getting worse. Diana doesn't know, bless her. She's only seen me when I am — all right." "And when you are—all wrong,...
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