Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Come up will you a small ladder like stairway led to

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Unformatted text preview: hat," said Poirot, "Diana must decide for herself." He went out of the library. Diana was waiting outside in the car. She called out, "We'll get what we want for the night and be back in time for dinner." As they drove down the long drive, Poirot repeated to her the conversation he had just held with the Admiral and Colonel Frobisher. She laughed scornfully. "Do they think Hugh would hurt me ?" By way of reply, Poirot asked her if she would mind stopping at the chemist's in the village. He had forgotten, he said, to pack a toothbrush. 278 The chemist's shop was in the middle of the peaceful village street. Diana waited outside in the car. It struck her that Hercule Poirot was a long time choosing a toothbrush.... VI In the big bedroom with the heavy Elizabethan, oak furniture, Hercule Poirot sat and waited. There was nothing to do but wait. All his arrangements were made. It was towards early morning that the summons came. At the sound of footsteps outside, Poirot drew back the bolt and opened the door. There were two men in the passage outside — two middle-aged men who looked older than their years. The Admiral was stemfaced and grim. Colonel Frobisher twitched and trembled. Chandler said simply: "Will you come with us, M. Poirot ?" There was a huddled figure lying outside Diana Maberly's bedroom door. The light fell on a rumpled, tawny head. Hugh Chandler lay there breathing stertorously. He was in his dressing-gown and slippers. LOH19 279 In his right hand was a sharply-curved, shining knife. Not all of it was shining -here and there it was obscured by red glistening patches. Hercule Poirot exclaimed softly: "Mon Dieu /" Frobisher said sharply: "She's all right. He hasn't touched her." He raised his voice and called: "Diana! It's us! Let us in!" Poirot heard the Admiral groan and mutter under his breath: "My boy. My poor boy." There was a sound of bolts being drawn. The door opened and Diana stood there. Her face was dead white. She faltered out: ^Whafs happened? There was someone -- trying to get in -- I heard them -- feeling the door -- the handle -- scratching on the panels-- Oh! it was awful . . . like an animal. ..." Frobisher said sharply: "Thank God your door was locked!" "M. Poirot told me to lock it." Poirot said: "Lift him up and bring him inside." The two men stooped and raised the 280 unconscious man. Diana caught her breath with a little gasp as they passed her. "Hugh ? Is it Hugh ? What's that -- on his hands ?" Hugh Chandler's hands were sticky and wet with a brownish, red stain. Diana breathed: "Is that blood ?" Poirot looked inquiringly at the two men. The Admiral nodded. He said: "Not human, thank God! A cat! I found it downstairs in the hall. Throat cut. Afterwards he must have come up here -- M "Here?" Diana's voice was low with horror. "To me ?" The man on the chair stirred--muttered. They watched him, fascinated. Hugh Chandler sat up. He blinked. "Hallo," his voice...
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