Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

He had fair hair slightly grey at the temples and

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Unformatted text preview: e free to marry his secretary. . . . Yes -- the resemblance is very remarkable. ..." A faint sound came from Sir Joseph's lips -- they had gone a queer blue colour. All the ruddy hue had faded from his 54 cheeks. His eyes, starting out of his head, stared at Poirot. He slipped down a little in his chair. "Then, with a shaking hand, he fumbled in his pocket. He drew out the cheque and tore it into pieces. "That's washed out -- see ? Consider it as your fee." "Oh but. Sir Joseph, my fee would not have been as large as that." "That's all right. You keep it." "I shall send it to a deserving charity." "Send it anywhere you damn well like." Poirot leaned forward. He said: "I think I need hardly point out. Sir Joseph, that in your position, you would do well to be exceedingly careful." Sir Joseph said, his voice almost inaudible: "You needn't worry. I shall be careful all right." Hercule Poirot left the house. As he went down the steps he said to himself: "So -- / was right." IX Lady Hoggin said to her husband: "Funny, this tonic tastes quite different. LOH5 55 It hasn't got that bitter taste any more. I wonder why ?" Sir Joseph growled: "Chemist. Careless fellows. Make things up differently different times." Lady Hoggin said doubtfully: cc! suppose that must be it." "Of course it is. What else could it be?" "Has the man found out anything about Shan Tung ?" "Yes. He got me my money back all right." "Who was it ?" "He didn't say. Very close fellow, Hercule Poirot. But you needn't worry." "He's a funny little man, isn't he ?" Sir Joseph gave a slight shiver and threw a sideways glance upwards as though he felt the invisible presence of Hercule Poirot behind his right shoulder. He had an idea that he would always feel it there. He said: "He's a damned clever little devil!" And he thought to himself: "Greta can go hang! J'm not going to risk my neck for any damned platinum blonde!" 56 x "oa /" Amy Carnaby gazed down incredulously at the cheque for two hundred pounds. She cried: "Emily! Emily I Listen to this. ^Dear Miss Carnaby, Allow me to enclose a contribution to your very deserving Fund before it is finally wound up. Yours very truly, Hercule Poirot.9 " "Amy," said Emily Carnaby, "you've been incredibly lucky. Think where you might be now." "Wormwood Scrubbs -- or is it Holloway?" murmured Amy Carnaby. "But that's all over now--isn't it, Augustus? No more walks to the Park with mother or mother's friends and a little pair of scissors." A far away wistfumess came into her eyes. She sighed. "Dear Augustus! It seems a pity. He's so clever. . . . One can teach him anything. ..n 57 2 THE LERNEAN HYDRA ITERCULE POIROT looked en--| couragingly at the man seated opJ^positehim. Dr. Charles Oldfield was a man of perhaps forty. He had fair hair sligh...
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