Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

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Unformatted text preview: ?" Diana murmured reluctantly: "He said -- about a week ago -- that -that his father was right -- that it was the only thing to be done." "Did you ask him why ?" "Of course. But he wouldn't tell me." Hercule Poirot reflected for a minute or two. Then he said: "Have there been any unusual occurrences in your part of the world ? Starting, perhaps, about a year ago ? Something that has given rise to a lot of local talk and surmise ?" She flashed out: "I don't know what you mean!" Poirot said quietly, but with authority in his voice: "You had better tell me." "There wasn't anything--nothing of the kind you mean." 248 "Of what kind then ?" "I think you're simply odious! Queer things often happen on farms. It's revenge — or the village idiot or somebody." "What happened?39 She said reluctantly: "There was a fuss about some sheep.... Their throats were cut. Oh! it was horrid! But they all belonged to one farmer and he's a very hard man. The police thought it was some kind of spite against him." "But they didn't catch the person who had done it?" "No." She added fiercely. "But if you think — " Poirot held up his hand. He said: "You do not know in the least what I think. Tell me this, has your fiance consulted a doctor ?" "No, I'm sure he hasn't." "Wouldn't that be the simplest thing for him to do ?" Diana said slowly: "He won't. He — he hates doctors." "And his father ?" "I don't think the Admiral believes much in doctors either. Says they're a lot of humbug merchants." 249 "How does the Admiral seem himself? Is he well ? Happy ?" Diana said in a low voice: "He's aged terribly in -- in -- " "In the last year ?" "Yes. He's a wreck -- a sort of shadow of what he used to be.55 Poirot nodded thoughtfully. Then he said: "Did he approve of his son's engagement ?" "Oh yes. You see, my people's land adjoins his. We've been there for generations. He was frightfully pleased when Hugh and I fixed it up." "And now? What does he say to your engagement being broken off?" The girl's voice shook a little. She said: "I met him yesterday morning. He was looking ghastly. He took my hand in both of his. He said: ^Ifs hard on you, my girl. But the boy's doing the right thing -- the only thing he can do.9 " "And so," said Hercule Poirot, "you came to me ?" She nodded. She asked: "Can you do anything ?" 250 Hercule Poirot replied: "I do not know. But I can at least come down and see for myself.53 II It was Hugh Chandler's magnificent physique that impressed Hercule Poirot more than anything else. Tall, magnificently proportioned, with a terrific chest and shoulders, and a tawny head of hair. There was a tremendous air of strength and virility about him. On their arrival at...
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