Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

He was thinking furiously vii once again the sheep

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Unformatted text preview: s Sanctuary, but at their own homes. I've no doubt it is quite all right, but all the same I -- well -- I shouldn't like anything to happen to Emmie." She clasped her hands, her eyes appealed to Poirot. 361 Poirot himself was silent for some minutes. When he spoke there was a change in his voice. It was grave and deep. He said: "Will you give me, or will you find out for me, the names and addresses of these members of the sect who have recently died ?" "Yes indeed, M. Poirot." Poirot said slowly: "Mademoiselle, I think you are a woman of great courage and determination. You have good histrionic powers. Would you be willing to undertake a piece of work that may be attended with considerable danger ?" "I should like nothing better," said the adventurous Miss Carnaby. Poirot said warningly: "If there is a risk at all, it will be a grave one. You comprehend — either this is a mare's nest or else it is serious. To find out which it is, it will be necessary for you yourself to become a member of the Great Flock. I would suggest that you exaggerate the amount of the legacy that you recently inherited. You are now a well-to-do woman with no very definite aim in life. You argue 362 with your friend Emmeline about this religion she has adopted -- assure her that it is all nonsense. She is eager to convert you. You allow yourself to be persuaded to go down to Green Hills Sanctuary. And there you fall a victim to the persuasive powers and magnetic influence of Dr. Andersen. I think I can safely leave that part to you ?" Miss Camaby smiled modestly. She murmured: "I think I can manage that all right!" II "Well, my friend, what have you got for me?" Chief Inspector Japp looked thoughtfully at the little man who asked the question. He said ruefully: "Not at all what I'd like to have, Poirot. I hate these long-haired, religious cranks like poison. Filling up women with a lot of mumbo-jumbo. But this fellow's being careful. There's nothing one can get hold of. All sounds a bit batty but harmless." "Have you learned anything about this Dr. Andersen ?" 363 "I've looked up his past history. He was a promising chemist and got chucked out of some German University. Seems his mother was Jewish. He was always keen on the study of Oriental Myths and Religions, spent all his spare time on that and has written various articles on the subject -- some of the articles sound pretty crazy to me." "So it is possible that he is a genuine fanatic ?" "I'm bound to say it seems quite likely!" "What about those names and addresses I gave you ?" "Nothing doing there. Miss Everitt died of ulcerative colitis. Doctor quite positive there was no hanky-panky. Mrs. Lloyd died of broncho-pneumonia. Lady Western died of tuberculosis. Had suffered from it many years ago -- before she even met this bunch. Miss Lee died of typhoid--attributed to some salad...
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