Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

I couldnt just resist speaking to the nurse in charge

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Unformatted text preview: en. Poor Shan Tung might have died of fright if of nothing else.33 Miss Carnaby chimed in breathlessly: "Yes, it was wicked -- wicked!" "Please tell me the facts." "Well, it was like this. Shan Tung was out for his walk in the Park with Miss Camaby -- " "Oh dear me, yes, it was all my fault," chimed in the companion. "How could I have been so stupid -- so careless -- " Lady Hoggin said acidly: LOH3 23 "I don't want to reproach you. Miss Carnaby, but I do think you might have been more alert." Poirot transferred his gaze to the companion. "What happened P" Miss Carnaby burst into voluble and slightly flustered speech. "Well, it was the most extraordinary thing! We had just been along the flower walk -- Shan Tung was on the lead, of course -- he'd had his little run on the grass -- and I was just about to turn and go home when my attention was caught by a baby in a pram -- such a lovely baby -it smiled at me -- lovely rosy cheeks and such curls. I couldn't just resist speaking to the nurse in charge and asking how old it was -- seventeen months, she said -- and I'm sure I was only speaking to her for about a minute or two, and then suddenly I looked down and Shan wasn't there any more. The lead had been cut right through -- " Lady Hoggin said: "If you'd been paying proper attention to your duties, nobody could have sneaked up and cut that lead.35 24 Miss Carnaby seemed inclined to burst into tears. Poirot said hastily: "And what happened nexty9 "Well, of course I looked everywhere. And called I And I asked the Park attendant if he'd seen a man carrying a Pekinese dog but he hadn't noticed anything of the kind — and I didn't know what to do — and I went on searching, but at last, of course, I had to come home — " Miss Carnaby stopped dead. Poirot could imagine the scene that followed well enough. He asked: "And then you received a letter ?5' Lady Hoggin took up the tale. "By the first post the following morning. It said that if I wanted to see Shan Tung alive I was to send ^200 in one-pound notes in an unregistered packet to Captain Curtis, 38 Bloomsbury Road Square. It said that if the money were marked or the police informed then — then — Shan Tung^s ears and tail would be — cut off7" Miss Carnaby began to sniff. "So awful," she murmured. "How people can be such fiends I" Lady Hoggin went on: "It said that if I sent the money at once, ... i ^ Shan Tung would be returned the same evening alive and well, but that if—if afterwards I went to the police, it would be Shan Tung who would suffer for it — " Miss Carnaby murmured tearfully: "Oh dear, I'm so afraid that even now — of course, M. Poirot isn't exactly the police — " Lady Hoggin said anxiously: "So you see, Mr. Poirot, you will have to be very careful." Hercule Poirot was quick to allay her anxiety. "But I, I am not of the poli...
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