Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

I have dealt with policemen all my life and i know he

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Unformatted text preview: ur debt." "That's nothing. Where do we go from here? We ought to turn these boys over to the police and that's just what we can't do! It's a knotty problem. Maybe we'd better consult the manager." Hercule Poirot said: "Ah, the manager. I think first we will consult the waiter -- Gustave -- alias Inspector Drouet. But yes -- the waiter Gustave is really a detective." Schwartz stared at him. "So that's why they did it!" "That is why who did what ?" "This bunch of crooks got to you second on the list. They'd already carved up Gustave." 160 ^What?" "Come with me. The doc's busy on him now." Drouet's room was a small one on the top floor. Dr. Lutz, in a dressing-gown, was busy bandaging the injured man's face. He turned his head as they entered. "Ah! It is you, Mr. Schwartz? A nasty business, this. What butchers! What inhuman monsters I" Drouet lay still, moaning faintly. Schwartz asked: "Is he in danger ?" "He will not die if that is what you mean. But he must not speak--there must be no excitement. I have dressed the wounds -- there will be no risk of septicaemia." The three men left the room together. Schwartz said to Poirot: "Did you say Gustave was a police officer ?" Hercule Poirot nodded. "But what was he doing up at Rochers Neiges ?" "He was engaged in tracking down a very dangerous criminal." In a few words Poirot explained the situation. Dr.Lutzsaid: 161 "Marrascaud ? I read about the case in the paper. I should much like to meet that man. There is some deep abnormality there! I should like to know the particulars of his childhood." "For myself," said Hercule Poirot, cc! should like to know exactly where he is at this minute." Schwartzsaid: "Isn't he one of the three we locked in the cupboard ?" Poirot said in a dissatisfied voice: "It is possible -- yes, but me, I am not sure.... I have an idea -- " He broke off, staring down at the carpet. It was of a light buff colour and there were marks on it of a deep rusty brown. Hercule Poirot said: "Footsteps--footsteps that have trodden, I think, in blood and they lead from the unused wing of the hotel. Come -- we must be quick!" They followed him, through a swing door and along a dim, dusty corridor. They turned the corner of it, still following the marks on the carpet until the tracks led them to a half-open doorway. Poirot pushed the door open and entered. 162 He uttered a sharp, horrified exclamation. The room was a bedroom. The bed had been slept in and there was a tray of food on the table. In the middle of the floor lay the body of a man. He was of just over middle height and he had been attacked with savage and unbelievable ferocity. There were a dozen wounds on his arms and chest and his head and face had been battered almost to a pulp. Schwartz gave a half-stifled exclamation and turned away looking as though he might...
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