Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

In the darkness i hear her come she opens his mouth

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Unformatted text preview: quot;I am acquainted with Countess 440 Rossakoff," said Poirot coldly. "We are old friends." "But she's just a dummy," Japp went on. "She didn't put up the money. It might be the head waiter chap, Aristide Papopolous -- he's got an interest in it -but we don't believe it's really his show either. In fact we don't know whose show it is!" "And Inspector Stevens goes there to find out ?" "Oh, you saw Stevens, did you ? Lucky young dog landing a job like that at the taxpayer's expense! A fat lot he's found out so far!33 "What do you suspect there is to find out ?" "Dope! Drug racket on a large scale. And the dope's being paid for not in money, but in precious stones." "Aha ?" "This is how it goes. Lady Blank-or the Countess ofWhatnot -- finds it hard to get hold of cash--and in any case doesn't want to draw large sums out of the Bank. But she's got jewels -- family heirlooms sometimes! They're taken along to a place for 'cleaning' or 'resetting' -441 there the stones are taken out of their settings and replaced with paste. The unset stones are sold over here or on the Continent. It's all plain sailing—there's been no robbery, no hue and cry after them. Say sooner or later it's discovered that a certain tiara or necklace is a fake? Lady Blank is all innocence and dismay — can't imagine how or when the substitution can have taken place — necklace has never been out of her possession! Sends the poor, perspiring police off on wild-goose chases after dismissed maids, or doubtful butlers, or suspicious window-cleaners. "But we're not quite so dumb as these social birds think! We had several cases come up one after another — and we found a common factor — all the women showed signs of dope — nerves, irritability — twitching, pupils of eyes dilated, etcetera. Question was: Where were they getting the dope from and who was running the racket ?" "And the answer, you think, is this place Helir9 "We believe it's the headquarters of the whole racket. We've discovered where the work on the jewellery is done — a place 442 called Golconda Ltd. — respectable enough on the surface, high-class imitation jewellery. There's a nasty bit of work called Paul Varesco — ah, I see you know him?" "I have seen him — in Hell" "That's where I'd like to see him— in the real place! He's as bad as they make 'em — but women — even decent women — eat out of his hand! He's got some kind of connection with Golconda Ltd. and I'm pretty sure he's the man behind Hell. It's ideal for his purpose — everyone goes there, society women, professional crooks — it's the perfect meeting place." "You think the exchange—jewels for dope — takes place there ?" "Yes. We know the Golconda side of it —we want the other—the dope side. We want to know who's supplying the stuff and where it's coming from." "And so far you have no idea ?" &q...
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