Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

It was her first term and she might have been

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Unformatted text preview: id: "An attempt is being made to induce your daughter Sheila to become a drug addict. The cocaine habit is very quickly formed. A week or two will suffice. Once the habit is formed, an addict will pay 312 anything, do anything, to get a further supply of the drug. You can realise what a rich haul the person who peddles that drug can make.3' He listened in silence to the spluttering, v^rathful blasphemies that poured from the old man's lips. Then, as the fires died down, v^ith a final choice description of exactly v^hat he, the General, would do to the blinkety blinkety son of a blank when he got hold of him, Hercule Poirot said: "We have first, as your so admirable jyirs. Beeton says, to catch the hare. Once v^e have caught our drug pedlar, I will ti^rn him over to you with the greatest pleasure. General.33 He got up, tripped over a heavily-carved, s^nall table, regained his balance with a clutch at the General, murmured: "A thousand pardons, and may I beg of you. General--you understand, beg of you -- to say nothing whatever about all this to your daughters.33 "What? I'll have the truth out of them, that's what I'll have!33 "That is exactly what you will not have. p^\ you will get is a lie.33 ^But damme, sir -- 33 I 313 cc! assure you. General Grant, you must hold your tongue. That is vital--you understand ? Vital /" "Oh well, have it your own way," growled the old soldier. He was mastered but not convinced. Hercule Poirot picked his way carefully through the Benares brass and went out. V Mrs. Larkin's room was full of people. Mrs. Larkin herself was mixing cocktails at a side table. She was a tall woman with pale auburn hair rolled into the back of her neck. Her eyes were greenish-grey with big, black pupils. She moved easily, with a kind of sinister grace. She looked as though she were in the early thirties. Only a close scrutiny revealed the lines at the corners of the eyes and hinted that she was ten years older than her looks. Hercule Poirot had been brought here by a brisk, middle-aged woman, a friend of Lady CarmichaeFs. He found himself given a cocktail and further directed to take one to a girl sitting in the window. The girl was small and fair -- her face was pink and white and suspiciously angelic. Her 314 eyes, Hercule Poirot noticed at once, were alert and suspicious. He said: "To your continued good health. Mademoiselle. ^ She nodded and drank. Then she said abruptly: "You know my sister." "Your sister? Ah, you are then one of the Miss Grants ?" "I'm Pam Grant.39 "And where is your sister today ?" "She's out hunting. Ought to be back soon." "I met your sister in London." "I know." "She told you ?" Pam Grant nodded. She said abruptly : "Was Sheila in a jam ?" "So she did not tell you everything ?" The girl shook her head. She asked: "Was Tony Hawker there ?" Before Poirot could answer, the door op...
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