Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Its all off old man found a message at the yard when

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Unformatted text preview: ened and Hawker and Sheila Grant came in. They were in hunting kit and Sheila had a streak of mud on her cheek. "Hullo, people, we've come in for a drink. Tony's flask is dry." 315 Poirot murmured: "Talk of the angels — " Pam Grant snapped: "Devils, you mean." Poirot said sharply: "Is it like that ?" Beryl Larkin had come forward. She said: "Here you are. Tony. Tell me about the run ? Did you draw Gelert's Copse ?" She drew him away skilfully to a sofa near the fireplace. Poirot saw him turn his head and glance at Sheila before he went. Sheila had seen Poirot. She hesitated a minute, then came over to the two in the window. She said abruptly: "So it was you who came to the house yesterday ?" "Did your father tell you ?" She shook her head. "Abdul described you. I — guessed." Pam exclaimed: "You went to see Father ?" Poirot said: "Ah—yes. We have—some mutual friends." Pam said sharply: 316 "I don't believe it." "What do you not believe? That your father and I could have a mutual friend ?" The girl flushed. "Don't be stupid. I meant — that wasn't really your reason — " She turned on her sister. "Why don't you say something, Sheila ?" Sheila started. She said: "It wasn't — it wasn't anything to do with Tony Hawker ?" "Why should it be ?" asked Poirot. Sheila flushed and went back across the room to the others. Pam said with sudden vehemence but in a lowered voice: "I don't like Tony Hawker. There— there's something sinister about him — and about her — Mrs. Larkin, I mean. Look at them now." Poirot followed hex glance. Hawker's head was close to that of his hostess. He appeared to be soothing her. Her voice rose for a minute. cc — but I can't wait. I want it now\" Poirot said with a little smile: "Les femmes — whatever it is — they always want it now, do they not ?" 317 But Pam Grant did not respond. Her face was cast down. She was nervously pleating and repleating her tweed skirt. Poirot murmured conversationally: "You are quite a different type from your sister. Mademoiselle." She flung her head up, impatient of banalities. She said: "M. Poirot. What's the stuff Tony's been giving Sheila ? What is it that's been making her — different ?" He looked straight at her. He asked: "Have you ever taken cocaine. Miss Grant ?" She shook her head. "Oh no! So that's it? Cocaine? But isn't that very dangerous ?55 Sheila Grant had come over to them, a fresh drink in her hand. She said: "What's dangerous ?" Poirot said: "We are talking of the effects of drugtaking. Of the slow death of the mind and spirit — the destroying of all that is true and good in a human being.35 Sheila Grant caught her breath. The drink in her hand swayed and spilled on the floor. Poirot went on: 318 "Dr. Stoddart has, I think, made clear to you just what that death in life entails. It i...
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