Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Just round the corner pressed against the wall was a

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Unformatted text preview: how often, I ask you, does a man suggest to her that they should go to Brighton for the weekend? It is all long words and work, and the welfare of the workers, and the future of the world. It is very worthy, but I ask you, is it gay ? And look, I ask you, how drab these young people have made the world! It is all regulations and prohibitions! Not so when I was young." "That reminds me, how is your son, Madame ?" At the last moment he substituted "son", for "little boy", remembering that twenty years had passed. 432 The Countess's face lit up with enthusiastic motherhood. "The beloved angel! So big now, such shoulders, so handsome! He is in America. He builds there--bridges, banks, hotels, department stores, railways, anything the Americans want!35 Poirot looked slightly puzzled. "He is then an engineer? Or an architect?" "What does it matter?" demanded the Countess. "He is adorable! He is wrapped up in iron girders, and machinery, and things called stresses. The kind of things that I have never understood in the least. But we adore each other -- always we adore each other! And so for his sake I adore the little Alice. But yes, they are engaged. They meet on a plane or a boat or a train, and they fall in love, all in the midst of talking about the welfare of the workers. And when she comes to London she comes to see me and I take her to my heart." The Countess clasped her arms across her vast bosom, "And I say -- 'You and Niki love each other -- so I too love you -- but if you love him why do you leave him in America?' And she talks 433 about her 'job' and the book she is writing, and her career, and frankly I do not understand, but I have always said: "One must be tolerant'." She added all in one breath, "And what do you think, cher ami, of all this that I have imagined here ?" "It is very well imagined," said Poirot, looking round him approvingly. "It is chief The place was full and it had about it that unmistakable air of success which cannot be counterfeited. There were languid couples in full evening dress, Bohemians in corduroy trousers, stout gentlemen in business suits. The band, dressed as devils, dispensed hot music. No doubt about it. Hell had caught on. "We have all kinds here," said the Countess. "That is as it should be, is it not ? The gates of Hell are open to all ?" "Except, possibly, to the poor ?" Poirot suggested. The Countess laughed. "Are we not told that it is difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven ? Naturally, then, he should have priority in Hell." The Professor and Alice were returning to the table. The Countess got up. 434 cc! must speak to Aristide." She exchanged some words with the head waiter, a lean Mephistopheles, then went round from table to table, speaking to the guests. The Professor, wiping his forehead and sipping a glass of wine, remarked: "She is a personali...
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