Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Servants object to it less than they do to other more

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Unformatted text preview: hate itself is prescribed freely for eye treatments. By duplicating a prescription and getting it made up in different places a large quantity of the poison could be obtained without arousing suspicion. The alkaloid could be extracted from it and then introduced into, say -- a soothing shaving cream. Applied externally it would cause a rash, this would soon lead to abrasions in shaving and thus the drug would be continually entering the system. It would produce certain symptoms -- dryness of the mouth and throat, difficulty in swallowing, hallucinations, double vision -- all the symptoms, in fact, which Mr. Chandler has experienced.^ He turned to the young man. "And to remove the last doubt from your mind, I will tell you that that is not a supposition but a fact. Your shaving cream was heavily impregnated with atropine sulphate. I took a sample and had it tested.59 White, shaking, Hugh asked: ^WhodiditP^/hyr9 Hercule Poirot said: 286 "That is what I have been studying ever since I arrived here. I have been looking for a motive for murder. Diana Maberly gained financially by your death, but I did not consider her seriously — " Hugh Chandler flashed out: "I should hope not!" "I envisaged another possible motive. The eternal triangle; two men and a woman. Colonel Frobisher had been in love with your mother. Admiral Chandler married her.33 Admiral Chandler cried out: "George ? George! I won't believe it." Hugh said in an incredulous voice: "Do you mean that hatred could go on — to a son ?" Hercule Poirot said: "Under certain circumstances, yes." Frobisher cried out: "It's a damned lie! Don't believe him, Charles." Chandler shrank away from him. He muttered to himself: "The datura.... India — yes, I see.... And we'd never suspect poison—not with madness in the family already...." "Mais oui /" Hercule Poirot's voice rose 287 high and shrill. c<Madness in the family. A madman — bent on revenge — cunning — as madmen are, concealing his madness for years." He whirled round on Frobisher. "Mon Dieu, you must have known, you must have suspected, that Hugh was your son? Why did you never tell him so?" Frobisher stammered, gulped. cc! didn't know. I couldn't be sure. . . . You see, Caroline came to me once — she was frightened of something—in great trouble. I don't know, I never have known, what it was all about. She — I — we lost our heads. Afterwards I went away at once — it was the only thing to be done, we both knew we'd got to play the game. I — well, I wondered, but I couldn't be sure. Caroline never said anything that led me to think Hugh was my son. And then when this — this streak of madness appeared, it settled things definitely, I thought." Poirot said: "Yes, it settled things! You could not see the way the boy has of thrusting out his face and bringing down his brows — a trick he inherited from you. But Charles 288...
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