Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

She murmured tell him we thank him and we will pray

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Unformatted text preview: punctilious person, offered to refund it to me as the cup had been stolen from his house." "But you did not accept ?" "No." "Why was that ?" 394 "Shall we say because I preferred to keep the matter in my own hands ?" "You mean that if you had accepted the Marchese's offer, the goblet, if recovered, would be his property, whereas now it is legally yours ?" "Exactly." Poirot asked: "What was there behind that attitude of yours ?" Emery Power said with a smile: "You appreciate that point, I see. Well, M. Poirot, it is quite simple. / thought I knew who was actually in possession of the goblet n "Very interesting. And who was it ?" "Sir Reuben Rosenthal. He was not only a fellow collector but he was at the time a personal enemy. We had been rivals in several business deals — and on the whole I had come out the better. Our animosity culminated in this rivalry over the Borgia Goblet. Each of us was determined to possess it. It was more or less a point of honour. Our appointed representatives bid against each other at the sale." "And your representative's final bid secured the treasure ?" 395 ''Not precisely. I took the precaution of having a second agent--ostensibly the representative of a Paris dealer. Neither of us, you understand, would have been willing to yield to the other, but to allow a third party to acquire the cup, with the possibility of approaching that third party quietly afterwards -- that was a very different matter." "In fact, une petite deception." "Exactly." "Which was successful--and immediately afterwards Sir Reuben discovered how he had been tricked ?" Power smiled. It was a revealing smile. Poirot said: "I see the position now. You believed that Sir Reuben, determined not to be beaten, deliberately commissioned the theft ?" Emery Power raised a hand. "Oh no, no! It would not be so crude as that. It amounted to this -- shortly afterwards Sir Reuben would have purchased a Renaissance goblet, provenance unspecified." "The description of which would have been circulated by the police ?" 396 "The goblet would not have been placed openly on view." "You think it would have been sufficient for Sir Reuben to know that he possessed it?" "Yes. Moreover, if I had accepted the Marchese's offer--it would have been possible for Sir Reuben to conclude a private arrangement with him later, thus allowing the goblet to pass legally into his possession." He paused a minute and then said: "But by retaining the legal ownership, there were still possibilities left open to me of recovering my property." "You mean," said Poirot bluntly, "that you could arrange for it to be stolen from Sir Reuben." "Not stolen, M. Poirot. I should have been merely recovering my own property." "But I gather that you were not successful?&quo...
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