Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Straightaway driven by anger and jealousy she starts

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Unformatted text preview: wanted an autopsy. She had given a plausible enough excuse, but the fact remained. A competent girl -- efficient -resolute. In love with a man who was tied to a complaining invalid wife, who might easily live for years since, according to Nurse Harrison, she had very little the matter with her. Hercule Poirot sighed. 92 Nurse Harrison said: "What are you thinking of?" Poirot answered: "The pity of things. . . ." Nurse Harrison said: cc! don't believe for a minute he knew anything about it." Poirot said: "No. I am sure he did not." The door opened and Detective Sergeant Grey came in. He had something in his hand, wrapped in a silk handkerchief. He unwrapped it and set it carefully down. It was a bright rose pink enamel compact. Nurse Harrison said: "That's the one I saw." Grey said: "Found it pushed right to the back of Miss Moncrieffe's bureau drawer. Inside a handkerchief sachet. As far as I can see there are no fingerprints on it, but I'll be careful." With the handkerchief over his hand he pressed the spring. The case flew open. Grey said: "This stuff isn't face powder." He dipped a finger and tasted it gingerly on the tip of his tongue. 93 "No particular taste." Poirot said: "White arsenic does not taste." Grey said: "It will be analysed at once." He looked at Nurse Harrison. "You can swear to this being the same case ?" "Yes. I'm positive. That's the case I saw Miss Moncrieffe with in the dispensary about a week before Mrs. Oldfield's death." Sergeant Grey sighed. He looked at Poirot and nodded. The latter rang the bell. "Send my servant here, please." George, the perfect valet, discreet, unobtrusive, entered and looked inquiringly at his master. Hercule Poirot said: "You have identified this powder compact, Miss Harrison, as one you saw in the possession of Miss Moncrieffe over a year ago. Would you be surprised to learn that this particular case was sold by Messrs. Woolworth only a few weeks ago and that, moreover, it is of a pattern and colour that has only been manufactured/or the last three months ?" 94 Nurse Harrison gasped. She stared at Poirot, her eyes round and dark. Poirot said: "Have you seen this compact before, Georges ?" George stepped forward: "Yes, sir. I observed this person. Nurse Harrison, purchase it at Woolworth's on Friday the i8th. Pursuant to your instructions I followed this lady whenever she went out. She took a bus over to Darnington on the day I have mentioned and purchased this compact. She took it home with her. Later, the same day, she came to the house in which Miss Moncrieffe lodges. Acting as by your instructions, I was already in the house. I observed her go into Miss Moncrieffe's bedroom and hide this in the back of the bureau drawer. I had a good view through the crack of the door. She then left the house believing herself unobserved. I may say that no one locks the...
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