Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

The son was different a chip off the old block last i

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Unformatted text preview: og. He is a crude—a primitive soul — but faithful — utterly faithful." He strode on. Miss Carnaby saw him meet Mr. Cole, pause, put a hand on Mr. Cole's shoulder. She hoped that the Master's influence might alter the scope of future visions. In any case, it was only a week now to the Autumn Festival. VI On the afternoon preceding the Festival, Miss Carnaby met Hercule Poirot in a small teashop in the sleepy little town of Newton Woodbury. Miss Carnaby was flushed and even more breathless than usual. She sat sipping tea and crumbling a rock bun between her fingers. Poirot asked several questions to which she replied monosyllabically. 379 Then he said: "How many will there be at the Festival ?" "I think a hundred and twenty. Emmeline is there, of course, and Mr. Cole -really he has been very odd lately. He has visions. He described some of them to me -- really most peculiar -- I hope, I do hope, he is not insane. Then there will be quite a lot of new members -- nearly twenty." "Good. You know what you have to do ?" There was a moment's pause before Miss Carnaby said in a rather odd voice: "I know what you told me, M. Poirot. . . ." "Tresbienr Then Amy Carnaby said clearly and distinctly: "But I am not going to do it" Hercule Poirot stared at her. Miss Carnaby rose to her feet. Her voice came fast and hysterical. "You sent me here to spy on Dr. Andersen. You suspected him of all sorts of things. But he is a wonderful man--a great Teacher. I believe in him heart and soul! And I am not going to do your spying 380 work any more, M. Poirot! I am one of the Sheep of the Shepherd. The Master has a new message for the World and from now on, I belong to him body and soul. And I'll pay for my own tea, please." With which slight anticlimax Miss Carnaby planked down one and threepence and rushed out of the teashop. "Norn d'un nom d'un nom^ said Hercule Poirot. The waitress had to ask him twice before he realised that she was presenting the bill. He met the interested stare of a surly looking man at the next table, flushed, paid the check and got up and went out. He was thinking furiously. VII Once again the Sheep were assembled in the Great Fold. The Ritual Questions and Answers had been chanted. "Are you prepared for the Sacrament ?" "We are." "Bind your eyes and hold out your right arm.53 The Great Shepherd, magnificent in his green robe, moved along the waiting lines. The cabbage-eating, vision-seeing Mr. 381 "You were magnificent,3' said Poirot warmly. "For a moment I thought that either you or I had taken leave of our senses. I thought for one little minute that you meant it." "It was such a shock," said Miss Carnaby. "Just when we had been talking confidentially. I saw in the glass that Lipscomb, who keeps the Lodge of the Sanctuary, was sitting at the table behind me. I don't know now if it was an accident or if he had actually followed me. As I say, I had to do the best I could on the spur of the minute and tru...
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