Labours Of Hercules By Agatha Christie

Well you know m poirot it all it all unsettled me and

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Unformatted text preview: so -- some of us -- got together and -- and I thought of this. It was really having Augustus that put it into my mind. You see, to most people, one Pekinese is very much like another. (Just as we think the Chinese are.) Really, of course, it's ridiculous. No one who knew could mistake Augustus for Nanki Poo or Shan Tung or any of the other Pekes. He's far more intelligent for one thing, and he's much handsomer, but, as I say, to most people a Peke is just a Peke. Augustus put it into my head--that, combined with the fact that so many rich women have Pekinese dogs." Poirot said with a faint smile: "It must have been a profitable-racket! How many are there in the -- the gang? Or perhaps I had better ask how often operations have been successfully carried out ?" Miss Carnaby said simply: "Shang Tung was the sixteenth." Hercule Poirot raised his eyebrows. "I congratulate you. Your organis46 ation must have been indeed excellent." Emily Carnaby said: "Amy was always good at organisation. Our father -- he was the Vicar of Kellington in Essex -- always said that Amy had quite a genius for planning. She always made all the arrangements for the Socials and the Bazaars and all that." Poirot said with a little bow: "I agree. As a criminal. Mademoiselle, you are quite in the first rank." Amy Carnaby cried: "A criminal. Oh dear, I suppose I am. But -- but it never felt like that." "How did it feel ?" "Of course, you are quite right. It was breaking the law. But you see -- how can I explain it ? Nearly all these women who employ us are so very rude and unpleasant. Lady Hoggin, for instance, doesn't mind what she says to me. She said her tonic tasted unpleasant the other day and practically accused me of tampering with it. All that sort of thing." Miss Carnaby flushed. "It's really very unpleasant. And not being able to say anything or answer back makes it rankle more, if you know what I mean." 47 "I know what you mean,33 said Hercule Poirot. "And then seeing money frittered away so wastefully--that is upsetting. And Sir Joseph, occasionally he used to describe a coup he had made in the City -- sometimes something that seemed to me (of course, I know I've only got a woman's brain and don't understand finance) downright dishonest. Well, you know, M. Poirot, it all -- it all unsettled me, and I felt that to take a little money away from these people who really wouldn't miss it and hadn't been too scrupulous in acquiring it --well, really it hardly seemed wrong at all.3' Poirot murmured: "A modern Robin Hood! Tell me. Miss Camaby, did you ever have to carry out the threats you used in your letters ?" "Threats ?" "Were you ever compelled to mutilate the animals in the way you specified ?" Miss Camaby regarded him in horror. "Of course, I would never have dreamed of doing such a thing! That was just-just an artistic touch.35 "Very artistic. It worke...
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