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Murder Is Easy By Agatha Christie

Murder Is Easy By Agatha Christie - Agatha Christie Easy To...

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Agatha Christie - Easy To Kill Cast of Characters luke fitzwilliam--Just retired from a police career in Asia, he ran smack into multiple murders before he’d been back in England a day. lavinia fullerton--Ostensibly she was a woolly-minded old lamb, but the wolf feared she knew too much. bridget conway--A devilishly clever beauty who’d decided to marry her boss because the salary was higher. lord easterfield--Bridget’s fiance, a potbellied, moralistic newspaper magnate who believed what he read in his own papers. alfred wake--The vicar of Wychwood under Ashe, he gossiped of many deaths and obscure feuds and weird witchcraft. ° mr. abbot--The village lawyer--too genial, too florid, too hot-tempered and, perhaps, too indiscreet with his lady friends. honoria waynflete--Another elderly but sharp-witted spinster who suspected more than she mentioned about the strange accidents in Wychwood. mr. ellsworthy--The arty and disreputable keeper of an antique shop whose odd tastes included strange midnight rites in the Witches5 Meadow. major horton--A retired military man. His wife’s death had released him and his beloved dogs from unrelenting henpecking. doctor geoffrey thomas--An affable young chap who remarked how surprisingly easy it was to get away with murder. rose humbleby--Lovely, timid daughter of Doctor Thomas" late senior partner, whose death cleared the way for Rose to become Mrs. Thomas. mrs. humbleby--Rose’s mother. Her husband’s recent death had unsettled her so ° much that she saw wickedness in the most improbable places. sir william ossington--Of Scotland Yard. Because of their long friendship. Billy Bones reluctantly listened to Luke’s yarn of eight unsuspected murders. superintendent battle--The Yard’s stolidfaced top deputy. Despite his calm, reassuring manner, not a detail escaped his shrewd eye. ° One england! England after many years! How was he going to like it? Luke Fitzwilliam asked himself that question as he walked down the gangplank to the dock. It was present at the back of his mind all through the wait in the customs shed. It came suddenly to the fore when he was finally seated in the boat train. Here he was, honorably retired on a pension, with some small private means of his own, a gentleman of leisure, come home to England. What was he going to do with himself? With an effort, Luke Fitzwilliam averted his eyes from the Page 1
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Agatha Christie - Easy To Kill landscape outside the railway-carriage window and settled down to a perusal of the papers he had just bought. The Times, the Daily Clarion and Punch. He started with the Daily Clarion. The Clarion was given over entirely to Epsom. He had drawn a horse in the club sweep and ° he looked now to see what the Clarion’s racing correspondent thought of its chances. He found it dismissed contemptuously in a sentence: Of the others. Jujube the II, Mark’s Mile, Santony and Jerry Boy are hardly likely to qualify for a place. A likely outsider is-- But Luke paid no attention to the likely outsider. His eye had shifted to the betting.
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Murder Is Easy By Agatha Christie - Agatha Christie Easy To...

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