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One Two Buckle My Shoe By Agatha Christie

One Two Buckle My Shoe By Agatha Christie - Agatha Christie...

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Agatha Christie - One Two Buckle My Shoe I One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Mr. Morley was not in the best of tempers at breakfast. He complained of the bacon, wondered why the coffee had to have the appearance of liquid mud, and remarked that breakfast cereals were each one worse than the last. Mr. Morley was a small man with a decided jaw and a pugnacious chin. His sister, who kept house for him, was a large woman rather like a female grenadier. She eyed her brother thoughtfully and asked whether the bath water had been cold again. Rather grudgingly, Mr. Morley said it had not. He glanced at the paper and remarked that the Government seemed to be passing from a state of incompetence to one of positive imbecility! Miss Morley said in a deep bass voice that it was disgraceful! ° Agatha Christie As a mere woman she had always found whatever Government happened to be in power distinctly useful. She urged her brother on to explain exactly why the Government’s present policy was inconclusive, idiotic, imbecile and frankly suicidal! When Mr. Morley had expressed himself fully on these points, he had a second cup of the despised coffee and unburdened himself of his true grievance. "These girls," he said, "are all the same! Unreliable, self-centered--not to be depended on in any way." Miss Morley said ’interrogatively: "G!adys?" "I’ve just had the message. Her aunt’s had a stroke and she’s had to go down to Somerset." Miss Morley said: "Very trying, dear, but after all, hardly the girl’s fault." Mr. Morley shook his head gloomily. "How do I know the aunt has had a stroke? How do I know the whole thing hasn’t been arranged between the girl and that very unsuitable young fellow she goes about with? That young man is a wrong ’un if I ever saw one! They’ve probably planned some outing together for today." "Oh, no, dear, I don’t think G!adys would do a thing like that. You know you’ve always found her very conscientious.". "Yes, yes." "An intelligent girl and really keen on her work, you said." "Yes, yes, Georgina, but that was before this undesirable young man came along. She’s been quite different lately--quite different--absentminded--upset--nervy." ° ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE The grenadier produced a deep sigh. She said: Page 1
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Agatha Christie - One Two Buckle My Shoe "After all, Henry, girls do fall in love. It can’t be helped." Mr. Morley snnpped: "She oughtn’t to let it affect her efficiency us my secretary. And to-day, in particular, I’m extremely busy! Several we important patients. It is most trying!" "I’m sure it must be extremely vexing, Henry. How is the new boy shaping, by the way?" Henry Morley said gloomily: "He’s the worst I’ve had yet! Can’t get a single name right and has the most uncouth manners. If he doesn’t improve I shall sack him and try again. I don’t know what’s the good of our education nowadays.
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One Two Buckle My Shoe By Agatha Christie - Agatha Christie...

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