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  Memo   TO : Celia Hammack, Marketing Executive FROM : Thitichaya Yoopensuk, Market Research Assistant DATE : June 13, 20 SUBJECT : Training Conference for March 8-9 Sorry to bother you while you are out of town. I am writing because I have an urgent request that must be addressed in a timely fashion. On March 8-9, there is a two day conference in the city that covers training employees, improving communication, and understanding human behavior. It is being run by a group of well know authorities. The cost will be a mere $200 that will include all expenses from materials, to parking, and lunch every day. I am aware that some employees have been asking to attend conferences that have not been beneficial to the company, some even wasting business funds. The reason this current
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Unformatted text preview: conference is so important because we will be able to control these future wastes by keeping future training in-house. The skills that will be acquired from this conference will help our business develop a training and communication program that will no longer need to be outsourced. We will minimize cost and keep a consistent learning agenda across our line of business. It will help management understand the associates to improve our leadership and supervision. I will need permission to go as soon as possible since the deadline to apply for the conference is tomorrow. Thank you for your corporation. Looking forward to hearing from you. 1...
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