Speech to Inform - main points Your sources should be shown...

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Speech to Inform Point Value: 150 for speech 50 for outlines 200 Total Points SPEECH ASSIGNMENT: Prepare a 5 to 8 minute informative speech for presentation in the class. Your goal in this speech is to inform or teach the audience. Select a topic of interest to you and research this topic. You will be required to have a minimum of one example and one statistic or testimony for each main point. Follow the guidelines below: SOURCES: *You must have 5 sources in your typed bibliography and in your speech. * The sources in the bibliography should be in MLA format. (Check your CD for your bibliography format.) *The sources may include interviews, videos, journals, pamphlets, newspapers, books, magazines, television shows, the Internet, etc. OUTLINES:
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Your typed preparation outline should have between 2 and 5
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Unformatted text preview: main points. Your sources should be shown in your outline. Please see the example It should be in sentence form and it should be developed into 3 levels as the following example: I. A 1. 2. B. 1. 2. II. A. 1. 2. B. 1. 2. 3. Your speaking outline should have one card for each main point and one card for intro and one card for conclusion. Your note cards must have: 1. 1. your notes, 2. 2. your quotes and statistics, 3. 3. the sources for your quotes and statistics, delivery cues, transitions. 4. 4. They must be in keyword outline format and numbered. Visual Aid(s) are required for this speech. YouTube - Speech to Inform- 6 min - Jul 30, 2008 Sravan Surapaneni's Speech to Inform for SPCH-143-D01 in Summer 2008. www.youtube...
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Speech to Inform - main points Your sources should be shown...

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