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. 1. Question: Rather than assume that there is one “best” or universal way to manage people in organizations, what approach do researchers use to try to identify how different situations can be best understood and handled? Instructor Explanation: contingency 2. Question: What are the two key outcomes on which an effective manager will focus? Instructor Explanation: Task performance and job satisfaction 3. Question: Someone who views and manipulates others purely for personal gain has a __________ personality. Instructor Explanation: Machiavellian 4. Question: __________ reflects a person’s ability to adjust his or her behavior to external, situational (environmental) factors. Your Answer: Self-monitoring 5. Question: A neutral stimulus becomes a __________ when it affects behavior in the same way as the initial stimulus. Your Answer: conditioned 6. Question: When an age discrimination complaint is made, both the accused and the accusing parties are allowed to present their individual views of the situation. This is an example of ______________. Instructor Explanation: interactional justice 7. Question: The __________ involves assessing a current event based on past occurrences that are easily available in one’s memory. Instructor Explanation: availability heuristic 8. Question: Those high in ______________________are argued to have optimal self-esteem, or genuine, true, stable and congruent self esteem as opposed to fragile self-esteem based heavily on outside responses. Instructor Explanation: Authenticity 9. Question: Shared and vertical self-directing team activities tend to encourage _________________ activities, which in turn can help individuals and the team. Instructor
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miterm Question - . 1. Question: Rather than assume that...

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