Assignment week 3 - Assignment week 3 This week's...

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Assignment week 3 This week's assignment is Chapter 9, Problem 11. Write as little or as much as you feel answers the questions adequately. ..however, your answer should not EXCEED two double-spaced pages; in other words this is not a term paper. Light, but not heavy research may give some meaningful context to the quality of your answers. Please submit your answers to the Week 3 drop box. The questions are: Do you think temporary agencies have a duty to do background checks? Why or Why not? Nowadays, The numbers of workers and employers using temporary agencies has been increasing. I think Temp agencies owe companies a duty to conduct such searches. They should do background checks in order to protect the public and company security. At least, temp agencies should check a criminal history, verification of social security number, Verification of previous employment, verification of education and skills assessment. All these things are very important. But, Not all temporary staffing agencies conduct background checks. Because normally, temp agencies just hire the employee is fit for the job, temporary agencies no duty to investigate an
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Assignment week 3 - Assignment week 3 This week's...

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