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Tootsie Roll Industries Ratios The Hershey Company Ratio Interpretation and comparison between the two companies' ratios Earnings per Share As given in the income statement =$0.94 As given in the income statement =$0.96 Hershey has a higher earning per share which means it earns more per share. Their performance decreased from the previous year. The comparison of EPS across companies is not meaningful because of the wide variations in the numbers of shares of outstanding stock among companies. Current Ratio $199,726/$57,972 = 3.45 $1,426,574/$1,618,770 =0.88 A measure used to evaluate a company's liquidity and short- term debt-paying ability; computed as current assets divided by current liabilities. A current ratio of 1.0 means the company could theoretically survive for one year, even if it made no sales. Hershey’s current ratio is 0.88 2007 and which is significantly below the industry average of 1.30. Tootsie Roll’s current ratio is 3.45 in 2007. In addition, Tootsie Roll’s current
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