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Quiz 1 (2) - Problem 2 Consider following sample of 20...

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BA 240 W. Li Score: _____of 10 Quiz 1 Name:_________________ _________ Problem 1: A high school guidance counselor would like to estimate the annual tuition costs (in U.S. dollars) of community colleges in the United States. He first randomly chose 100 community colleges throughout the United States. Then he went to each chosen college’s official website to gather the data he needed. a) Identify the population. (1 point) b) Identify the sample. (1 point) c) Describe the variable of interests. (1 point) d) Identify the data collection method used. (1 point) e) What type of data were collected, quantitative (state ratio or interval) or qualitative (ordinal or nominal)? (1 Point)
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2: Consider following sample of 20 quantitative measurements: 26 34 21 32 32 32 12 33 42 35 36 28 28 17 39 31 30 23 27 19 a) Construct a Stem-and-Leaf display, be sure to label your stem and leaf unit clearly. Use your display to answer the following questions: 1) What is the Stem Unit? 2) How many Leaves in Stem 3? b) Construct a Relative Frequency Histogram, using class interval width of 5 and the lower boundary of the first class as 10. Use your display to answer the following questions: 1) What is the Frequency for Class Interval 30 34? 2) What is the Relative Frequency for Class Interval 35 39? 3) Describe the shape of the histogram....
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