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Course Overview - Rio Salado email address when you set up...

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Course Overview Items to Complete Before Starting your Course:   1. If you have not already done so, verify your  Hardware Requirements  as given by Addison-Wesley for this  course. ( Note:  TestGen ®  Plug-in IS required.)  2. Read the syllabus and submit the syllabus acknowledgement receipt below. You might also want to print the  syllabus and refer to it as needed.  I have read the syllabus for MAT102 carefully, and I understand the requirements and procedures of this  course. I also understand the levels of achievement necessary for each specific grade in this class.  Submission of this Syllabus Acknowledgment confirms your active participation in this course.  Submit your  Syllabus Acknowledgement Receipt . 3. Visit the  Bookstore 4. Send an e-mail message to your instructor. Your Course ID can be found in the RioLearn announcements. IMPORTANT: When creating your MyMathLab account you must use your 
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Unformatted text preview: Rio Salado email address when you set up your Personal Information. 5. Start the class: o Follow the Getting Started Instructions o Register for . o Be sure to follow the lesson order as given in the course calendar. o Additional support documentation can be found at MyMathLab . 6. Each time you work on your course you should login through RioLearn to check for announcements from your instructor. 7. Login to MyMathLab . 8. When you are ready to take your Midterm and Final Exam, please click here . Your practice exams are located on the " Practice Exams " page. Please print off the practice exams and answers and use them to study for your Midterm and Final. If you have any questions please contact your instructor....
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