BUSN quix review week 3

BUSN quix review week 3 - Which phrase could be used in the...

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Which phrase could be used in the United States to describe the act of a businessperson who offers another money to agree to a business deal? a. ethical behavior b. good business c. unlawful bribery d. conduct unbecoming Which is NOT considered unethical busines a. selling substandard products b. treating employees unfairly c. hiring unqualified family over more qualified applicants
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d. training employees right out of school Question 3 What does the Equal Pay Act do? a . It requires that men and women get paid the same for the same job. b. It creates fair pricing in a competitive market. c. It demands people with disabilities get paid the same, even if they work fewer hours. d. It allows people to be paid for recycling. Question 4 Which is a consequence of good business ethics? a. no repeat business b. good word of mouth from customers c. high employee turnover d. low employee morale Question Which government agency is responsible for enforcing rules that control pollution? a. EPA b. CEO c. FDA d. OSHA Wrong Q.1) What are one of the areas in which managers can me tempted to engage in unethical managerial behavior A. setting goals (correct answer) B. production deviance (your answer) C. property deviance Wrong Q.2) Ethical intensity depends on which factor? A. Principle of Personal Virtue (your answer) B. Proximity of Effect
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BUSN quix review week 3 - Which phrase could be used in the...

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