The World of The Church

The World of The Church - White 1 Ryan White Eng 1113-108...

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Ryan White Eng 1113-108 T. Walls 15 September 2008 The Confusing World of the Church You may think that literacy is not involved with church but let me try to prove you wrong. I began going to church when I was in seventh grade and I was about 13 years old. The discourse community of the church was a very uncomfortable place for me. The language of the church was and still is a very hard thing to understand. The main source of the language comes from the word of God, which is written all throughout the Bible. Hundreds of different translations of the Bible are written for all different kinds of people. The church is my biggest discourse community because of the worship, the language, and the faith that is required. Worship was probably one of the hardest parts of the church for me to get used to. I would go into the church and they would begin to sing their hearts out to a God that was invisible to them. Some people would begin to lift their hands in the air as if they were reaching towards the sky, and others would get on their knees. That seemed really weird to me, but then I saw a man laying face down on the ground and immediately I thought, “Man I need to get out of this place.” I thought that there was no way I would be able to fit in with this group because all of the people in the church were weird and strange people. I continued to go to this church
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The World of The Church - White 1 Ryan White Eng 1113-108...

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